September 20, 2010

30+ Great Places To Hang Your Coat

(Or hat, or a stray umbrella; when you feel a little lazy)

When you walk into your home, where do you hang your coat?  
I’m always tempted to throw mine on the nearest chair or doorknob.
I found some really great handmade, architect or artist designed coat hooks. Multiple hooks (for the whole family or guests when your coat closet is messy); and single coat hooks which placed together can make a multiple; or stand alone as one. Some might even be perfect for your kid’s room or bathroom. I searched really hard to find hooks and racks that will also look great when nothing is on them...
And, they will help keep your life clutter free:
Atelier 552 TEAK WARDROBE in teak or with a colored coating as seen on bonluxat

Herman Miller ® Limited Edition Eames ® Select Hang-It-All ® Rack at ALL

or in fun colors
Herman Miller ® Eames ® Hang-It-All ® Rack at ALL MODERN. com

Marcel Sigel and Alana di Giacomo WALL BROOCH - wall mounted coat rack

Rodolphe Parente CLOACKROOM COAT HANGER in black metal or mirror-effect stainless steel seen on bonluxat

Blu Dot 2D:3D COAT RACK in red, gunmetal or white at ALL

SYMBOL COAT RACK in Color or Monochrome by DESU DESIGN (top:close-up of Color)
Mouse Over Main Image to Zoom In  

With a shelf, the classic, ARTEK ALVAR AALTO 109 - Coat Rack - Birch Design: Alvar Aalto 1936 at FinnStyle 

or handmade
  Solid wood coat rack shelf also in white by Woodtech on Etsy  (You probably could change the hooks to make it less rustic)

   Daniele Trebbi ALONE WALL LIGHT available in a red, black or white finish. Manufacturer: Pallucco at All
Karim Rashid UNIKORN WALL LAMP - Coat Hooks (Singles in white or orange). Info at bonluxat
SPARKS COATHANGER by Mikko Laakkonen at Offecct

Hand screened and forged NUTSO coat rack by thecrosbie on Etsy

or hand forged metal Whimsical Wonder on Etsy

or Snow Triple Hook also on Etsy 
Khodi Feiz K-LINE SMALLHANGER in orange or white lacquer or natural birch wood veneer. Manufacturer: Offecct

Thelermont Hupton WAVE HAND JOB at Hidden

 COAT CORAL handmade of steel by Azacnak on Etsy and at $19.00…

why not get three!

Individual CONCRETE WALL HOOKS by Formd on Etsy   
          SUCKER made of silicone to attach to glass or tile by Jan Hoekstra and Leon Ramakers in
Charcoal, Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, Green or Red at emmo home

FLAP FOLDING HOOK in glossy acrylic and chrome, also in black by Atelier 552 at Serafini
One-of-a-kind handmade wooden and metal hooks by Half Pint Salvage on Etsy

Simple and clean would be great in a row- Blomus DUO POLISHED WALL HOOK at All

ZACK Ganzio coat hook in 2 sizes of stainless steel at All

LIVE LAUGH LOVE Stamped Spoon Hook by JJevensen on Etsy

  ...Or you can do what I do and use one of the white resin C’MERE or other HAND HOOKS from unicaHOME-by Harry Allen for AREAWARE for my dog's leash!


  1. the last coat rack is so cute, such a interesting rack!

  2. Thank you. I love using it for my dog, Kooba's leash!

  3. So nice ideas, thank you for sharing!
    I prefer the Symbol coat rack and the teak wardrobe. Great idea is to set the birds on a wire! :-)

  4. Hello,

    I am based in Australia and I am wondering how I can go about purchasing one of the Marcel Sigel Wall Brooch's as I am unable to find a purchasing method.

    Regards Ruth

  5. Hi Ruth!
    The correct website is Sorry and best of luck! It IS fantastic looking.
    Also you might try


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