It is said, "it is a jungle out there."

But what happens when you are living in a jungle of clutter?  You don't have a sanctuary to come home to.  You don't have a feeling of peace and serenity when you are in your own home or your office. You spend so much time and energy looking for things, when you could be relaxing.  You spend wasted time wishing you had a clutter free environment and you feel helpless and at a loss as to where to start.   Organizational skills are either innate or taught. And, we can be taught!

The truth is, it isn't always easy, but don't worry; you are not alone. And there is help out there!

Imagine yourself living a clutter free life.  No more messy desk.  Easy to find clothing and accessories A kitchen that has a place for everything and easy access.

I would love to help you live this way and learn how to have the peace of mind you have been dreaming of.  I can do it with you or for you.  And, it will be tailored specifically for you so that it will be easy to maintain.

I start by coming to your home or office, and asking specific questions, which will help me determine what will work best for you. We walk through your space together, so that I can determine your needs and your style.  We agree on what stays and what goes where.  I will then suggest different options that will help you stay organized. You begin to take a deep breath and relax as I begin to help you make your life easier...

Tell me areas of your home or office you would like to see decluttered and/or organized. I want to help! 

Call me 917-209-4920 or email

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