April 02, 2014

How To Get Rid Of Your Stuff In NYC

Want to get rid of things and don't know where? 
New York City has a website called NYC Recycles (NYC Wasteless) where residents can click on links to dispose properly of or donate practically everything.

Excerpt from the site:

Don't Just Throw It Away-
Some items can't go in the trash and must be recycled
Other items require special handling before being discarded.

Reuse in NYC-

Take it Back NYC-
Certain items must, or can be, recycled through mandatory and voluntary take-back programs.

Harmful Products- 

Commonly used products can be harmful if improperly stored, used or discarded.
 *These are NYC only rules. If you live outside New York City you might try your for local information...
If you need help decluttering email me and I will be happy to help! I can also help you decide where to donate or sell.

Happy Organizing!

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