June 20, 2010

You Never Have To Misplace Your Keys Again.

Do you find yourself looking for your keys all the time?

It may be really easy for some of you to remember where you put them, but, if you're anything like me, you probably should have a set place. I used to waste countless hours searching my home and then making apologies for being late to where I needed to be. I thought I would share some of the wonderful options I've discovered out there, to make your life easier and more organized.

I prefer organizational products to look terrific, while being functional. Some of my ideas are less obtrusive than others, and some also have a place for your incoming mail-which solves two organizing problems in one.
I recommend that you place the following items as you enter your home, by the front door.
This simple, slim, seven hook key rack comes as seen in white or in walnut Both colors are also available with only four hooks.

Perfect, modern, simplicity. Of course in stainless steel, however, somewhat pricey. But, think of all the time you'll save not searching for your keys.

This stainless steel key holder is a very cool addition to a contemporary home.

Steel, pretty, somewhat rustic, six hook rack can be personalized with any name you want, up to 10 letters.

Solid wood magnetic key rack and letter holder also available in natural, almost looks like a work of art.

Chrome triple mail organizer/ key holder. Helps clear the whole family's incoming mail clutter.

Or you can do as I do on my way in. I drop them into a beautiful, handmade, glass bowl on my entryway credenza and just grab them on my way out...

So, these are but a few ideas I have found for this major time saver. You can always hang your sunglasses as well, to keep them by the door for easy reach!

Final hints:
1) Be sure to measure the area where it will be placed; if you decide to get one. 2) Use a level when you put it up.

Are these something you feel might help you save time and feel more relaxed? I'd love to hear your comments or ideas.

top double keys photo: Chance Agrella

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