July 07, 2010

Display AND Store Children's Art in One!

I love great art and I love the wonderful carefree quality of a child's art.  I have four extremely : ) talented granddaughters ranging from 5 years of age down, and they love making art for their Grammye.  And, I love displaying it in my home.  Unfortunately, my wall space is at a premium.

My daughter-in-law Maggie found this brilliant product I'd like to share with you and my stepdaughter reviewed them on her site Cool Mom Picks in April  If you like a simple hard edged matted frame, with choice of color and size, you will love this.  Called Davinci Frames-it holds up to 50 pictures (or photos) that can be very easily changed at will!  As they advertise: It looks like a frame, stores like an album...  So you get to easily insert the newest "masterpiece" and have a place to store the rest!

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